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Enjoy heartfelt words from Dr. Jan's clients.

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Bridget, Illinois

As a nurse it definitely helped me show up as the highest version of myself despite any obstacles (particularly short staffing right now everywhere!!!!!).  It’s given me the tools to be the best nurse I can for my patients and maintain control.  Since the program ended, I’ve actually gotten another raise and employee of the month! I’ve definitely fallen in love with the profession all over again!!!

Caitlyn, New York

I truly started to think "is this how I want my life to be? Do I want to feel like a zombie, mindless, going to the next point in life that I did not even truly want?". The answer was a big NO! NCS emphasized one of the most important lessons I will ever learn, and that is how to take control of my own life, and, better yet, create the reality I truly want to be in. Since this course, I have taken the wheel to control my own life. My mind, with much practice, is becoming increasingly more coherent, and I feel overall happier. In this state of coherence, I have managed joint pain, created mental peace, and even got my dream job.

Emily, Florida

I can tell you today that I’m a completely new person...I never knew that just by understanding the way we think and learning how to change, the things that we want differently in our lives could open this new gate of happiness. In honesty I was waiting around for change to happen when actually it’s me that had to decide I wanted a change. It’s crazy to think that just changing one thing can open the gates towards many changes in your life. 

Andrew, New York

I have completely shifted my own personal paradigm which now goes as follows: To act and to live deliberately. To act and to live with love. With my body, environment, and time. To make time so that I can lose myself in time as much as possible. If a thought, environment, person, or anything does not serve me, I will allow myself the liberty to weed it out of the garden that I am cultivating. Because of these things, I will have positive and loving relationships with others, but also myself. Because of this positivity and love I will be successful because I am happy and find that others around me are happy as well.  With the information I have learned in this course I know I will be a better nurse. I will create a more positive work environment by increasing coherence, and I will strive to connect to my patients in whatever ways they are comfortable doing so.

Ray, Virginia

The greatest expression of himself that emerged during his NCS workshop experience:
“I have been the leader for many others. Now it’s time to lead myself.”
Retired Colonel, Chief of Urology,
Chief Medical Officer,
Innovative clinician, and author of numerous books and articles.

Abigail, New York

I used to waste so much time worrying or overthinking when I wasn’t even at work yet… I would walk into work grumpy and thinking negatively before my day even started!  The workshop has especially helped me to move away from those individuals who craved drama and negativity in the work setting.  You see this so much in healthcare, too!  That used to make my job more difficult I’ve come to realize.  I became much more aware of this, and now I feel as though I am really able to focus on work and myself.  I feel fresh going into work now.  It’s helped me to see and work more clear, and therefore helps me to give great care to my patients, which is what makes me very happy & feel good.  I think the workshop is so great for anyone! But especially nurses/healthcare workers 💕 it’s changed so much for me! 

Nancy B Westfall

Atlanta, GA



Fran Janes

Toronto, Canada


Bev Nerenberg

Germantown, Maryland


Wellness At Your Fingertips


Kim Matsko

Traverse City, Michigan


Matsko Music


Zelle C

North Carolina


Stephanie W

Hollywood, CA

Writer / Producer


Ali Kafaii

Los Angeles, California

Founder, COO

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