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Ali Kafaii

Los Angeles, California

Founder, COO

Source Cannabis

The NCS training provided by Janice Colestro was one of the most valuable exercises I have engaged in as co-founder, co-owner, and Chief Operations Officer of Source Cannabis. As a long time student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, I was looking to implement practical hands-on techniques and knowledge, drawn from his vast body of research, with specific application to the work environment in my executive capacity. This program did precisely that.

Janice did a stellar job facilitating and leading the NCS sessions. Her PhD level education, thorough resume, and deep life experience made her the perfect trainer for my business parter (CEO and co-founder of Source Cannabis) and I.

The NCS program gave us so many valuable tools for de-escalating highly stressful situations, improving cohesiveness with other team members, and creating progressive and effective solutions to complex challenges.

I highly recommend NCS in general, and Dr. Jan specifically!

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