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How I use NCS
programs to help clients:

By creating awareness in the workplace on how people’s thoughts, actions feelings produce their results.

The program is based on neuroscience, teaching teams how the brain works and how important it is to catch themselves whenever they are reacting emotionally to their environment, their bodies and time.

With the tools and exercises offered, participants begin to engage more which often builds excellence in employees, by being on purpose, accountable and competent in their work and personal lives.

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Organizational leaders are investing more than ever in their key asset: employees

This workshop, developed by Dr. Joe Dispenza, a researcher and best-selling author, is an experience like none other. It is designed to help develop your staff into a creative, committed and fully-engaged team.


Change Your Mind...
Create New Results

This workshop incorporates lectures, videos, and interactive exercises to teach you to understand, connect, and use your brain and body in new ways. As a result, participants will open their awareness to possibility thinking, which will enhance both their personal and professional lives and beyond.

and follow up

· Learn the science of how the brain works, including brain waves and their importance on how we break old programs of belief. 

· Set intentions, becoming more productive and less distracted

· Apply practices that help us see ourselves from a chosen perspective of our future.


· During follow up, steady practice of the tools learned in the workshop set you up for success and sustainable change.

The NCS Solution:

Change Your Mind...

Create New Results

Update your personal and professional standards with this life-changing program based on the research and work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.


Change Your Mind…Create New Results is a proprietary program based on the neuroscience of change. Taking an organization’s vision for itself, individuals are empowered to change. This, in turn transforms the individual, their teams, and ultimately, the organization. Our program teaches how to break old habits that no longer serve and bring about true, lasting change — from the inside out.



 Using neuroscientific principles, this program educates and guides you through ways to create sustainable change. We do this in a 2 day interactive workshop with a 4 week followup. It can be facilitated in person or online via Zoom.


There are two models we use to guide participants throughout the workshop to open awareness of the ways we create true change. With this knowledge in place, it is easier to stay present as old programs from our past resurface. 


In the CYM...CNR workshop, tools are provided to support you in creating and sustaining real change. These tools are accessible for anyone to learn and use.  

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The HeartMath

Science-based techniques for increased emotional resilience.

This program is available exclusively or in combination with NCS.