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Enjoy heartfelt words from Dr. Jan's clients.

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Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for having Dr. Jan as my coach!


After experiencing her NCS training, and going through the 30-day program, I found a new level of freedom within myself that I didn’t know was there. She was so hands-on and encouraging throughout the process, while also holding me accountable for doing the work to create my future self. Her extremely caring manner, combined with her extensive medical knowledge around how the brains works, was so helpful! She was great about explaining things in a way that I could truly understand, and I can’t imagine a better guide in the process of personal transformation. If you’re ready to do the work of self-change and create a personal reality that you will love, I highly recommend Dr. Jan. You will be in for an unforgettable healing journey!

S.W. - Writer / Producer - Hollywood, CA

Dear Janice, NCS Wizard, scientist, coach and friend,


I know you have many hats but these are the ones I am speaking to today.

I have admired your calm, knowledgeable, accepting and inspiring presence since I met you. Now I not only understand better how you came to be this person, but I find myself heading along a similar path. I have known my goal for some time but since taking this NCS program with you I have found myself with the tools to clear my path, avoid some potholes, anticipate what’s around the bend , remain calm and enjoy the moment. My goal is becoming clearer as the self made road blocks are dissipated.


Your follow up  phone calls kept me on track when traditionally, I may have wandered off course. In just the last few weeks my business has grown, I am more focused, accomplishing more and my long term project is getter closer and clearer.


Your NCS program has been a most rewarding experience and I heartily recommend it.

Fran Janes - Toronto, Canada

Since talking to you, I have tried to apply what you so clearly explained to me, to every relationship in my life.  The facts of my situation did not change; everything else did.  I left with a certain peace that we all were going to be ok.  The knowledge that I have the power to release any and all negative feelings is nothing short of a miracle.  The time you so generously gave me was truly a gift-in every sense of the word. Thank you and God Bless You (actually He already has).  

Zelle J -  North Carolina

The NCS training provided by Janice Colestro was one of the most valuable exercises I have engaged in as co-founder, co-owner, and Chief Operations Officer of Source Cannabis. As a long time student of Dr. Joe Dispenza, I was looking to implement practical hands-on techniques and knowledge, drawn from his vast body of research, with specific application to the work environment in my executive capacity. This program did precisely that.

Janice did a stellar job facilitating and leading the NCS sessions. Her PhD level education, thorough resume, and deep life experience made her the perfect trainer for my business parter (CEO and co-founder of Source Cannabis) and I.

The NCS program gave us so many valuable tools for de-escalating highly stressful situations, improving cohesiveness with other team members, and creating progressive and effective solutions to complex challenges.


I highly recommend NCS in general, and Janice Colestro specifically!"

Ali Kafaii, Co-Founder, Co-Owner, COO, Source Cannabis, Los Angeles, CA

My sessions with Janice have been profound healing insightful eye-opening and amazing. She has helped me with so many patterns and connected dots that were right in front of me but that I did not see. She is compassionate and wise, and delivers truth in a kind and loving way. She is truly gifted and working with her has had an impact on me and everyone around me it is some of the best money I have ever spent!!! 

Nancy B. Westfall, Artist, Atlanta, Georgia

I was able to move into a place of creation rather than survival and many great things happened. 

Change is incredibly powerful and EASY once you approach it from a scientific base.  Thank you Dr. Joe & Janice!

 KIM MATSKO, Singer / Designer / Yoga & Meditation Teacher 

I was stuck.  So I reached out to Janice who jumped right in to guide, empower and nurture me to get clear on what my most pressing tasks were to move towards my lofty business goals.

She listened to everything I had to say, including what my obstacles were, and then we devised a 30-day workable solution .  She supported me daily with love, encouragement and suggestions and never once made me feel inferior or "bad", no matter what I had accomplished.  Using the best that neuroscience has to offer, she encouraged me to use powerful mental rehearsals to engage all parts of my brain.  My results exceeded my expectations and no way that would have happened without Janice!

Bev Nerenberg, business owner - Germantown, Maryland

Empowering, loving and a wonderful opportunity for growth!

Heath Addison, Special Ops for Kim Matsko - Matsko Holding Company - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I am affirmed in my ability and responsibility to create my reality!  Thank you Dr. Janice!

Dr. Natalie Lenard, Yoga & Anatomy Teacher - Yoga Bliss & OLOL Nursing School - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Thank you so much for sharing this program!  I feel empowered and capable of doing big things with this new understanding of neuroscience & self! 

Karli Cummins - Assistant Manager -Yoga Bliss - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I feel inspired to change my thinking to create a beautiful new self that I am proud to share to the world.  Thank you for opening my mind to this amazing experience!

Savvy Marchiafava, Manager - Yoga Bliss - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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